Evolution of Leggings

Leggings are so popular these days. Almost everyday, you will see a woman or a young girl wear this type of clothing. Young girls think that this clothing has only been used for a couple of years but leggings have been used by both men and women even during the Renaissance period. Yes, it has been here for more than just a couple of years, more than just 50 years actually. You’ve seen this clothing in periodical movies but you just don’t notice it because it is worn by men. The material is different and it looks different from what we see now so people don’t notice them. Like every other object and invention in this world, leggings also have its own history but as time goes by, it changes.

Before, leggings were worn to protect the skin from riding a horse or it is worn by hunters so they can hunt easily. It was even used as part of the military uniform. Imagine soldiers wearing leggings. As years go by, people then wore this piece of clothing when the weather is too cold. Countries that have the winter season include leggings that have a different material specifically for the weather. At present, although it is still worn during the winter, you will see people wear leggings in the middle of summer with their floral top to match the season. So nowadays, leggings are worn for fashion purposes. It can now be worn anytime, anywhere, no matter how cold or hot it is.

There are different types of material that is used for leggings. The materials are cotton, lycra, spandex, nylon, silk or polyester. These are the common materials that are used for ordinary or everyday outfit. If the leggings are for the cold weather, then the material could be wool. This would warm your body better. Leggings are usually thin so having a different material for the cold weather is more appropriate. Because of the different materials that could be used, it could be paired up with different clothing materials. It is very fashionable because not only does it have different materials but there are also different colors and patterns that can be used. Leggings used to be just black and white but now, you could see it in bright colors and in unique designs. Seeing it in different designs make it more fashionable and stylish. For men though, they prefer wearing plain ones preferably the black ones.

Leggings are very fashionable and it will be in fashion for the next years until another type of pants will be in season. Even if something new will be in season, leggings will always be worn by someone because it is not hard to wear and you could wear it anytime during the year. You can wear it on a casual day at the mall or a party at night. Whether it is plain or it has bright colors, leggings will always be worn by someone at the mall or at a party.